We’ve all been there.

It’s time for a change. It’s time for a makeover. It’s time for a new ‘do’. It’s time for a new you.

Over the years, I have been privileged to get to know my clients. And I’ve noticed that behind every request for ‘something completely different’ there is usually a story to tell. Obviously the hairstylists’ secret code of conduct means what is told in the salon stays in the salon so I can’t reveal any specifics… but let’s just say some stories are more interesting than others!

I love that clients trust me, not just with news of what’s going on in their lives, but with their decision to get a completely new look.

I love being the person who gets to be part of that transformation. And I’m not gonna lie, if I see one of the other stylists chopping off a ponytail pre-shampooing (a sure fire sign that there’s a complete restyle coming up…), I’m secretly jealous that it’s not me getting to create the ‘after’ pic!

There is something very special about being that person; the one who plays a part in making people look and feel fantastic. It’s what really makes a hairstylist’s day.

So… what event, celebration or milestone motivates you to go for the chop?

A family wedding coming up… and you secretly want to look better than your cousin, who has put on a few pounds and is not ageing so gracefully…

Maybe you have lost some weight and want to complete the look or maybe (like me, grrr) you’ve put on a few and are prepared to take drastic action to get people to look up instead of down!

Maybe you’ve just reached another decade (*gasp* you don’t look anything like that age!)

You’ve a school reunion coming up (and you’ll show them what an undiscovered treasure you were back in the day), maybe you’ve just gone through a break up (and you’re gonna show him) or… the one that I get a lot of and find really interesting, you’ve just had a baby.

I guess what you new mummies are trying to say is (and who can blame you after nine months growing a baby) “I want my life back!” or “I want to be me again”… and you want to make a statement by doing something radical!

Sounds like the right thing to do? Yes? Erm… maybe not always?

Inside, sometimes I am thinking ‘is this an emotional decision’ (cause we all know you lovely ladies can be emosh every once and a while). So I’ll (tactifully) ask if the client has considered the proposed new hair cut is gonna take more time to create every morning. Will the sleep deprived new mum always have the time and energy to work with a higher maintenance style? Have you chatted about this with your husband? (aka…am I gonna get beat up for being too scissor happy?!) Let’s face it, there is a point in everyone’s life that they need a ponytail – and this is surely one of them – but I ain’t gonna argue with an emotional woman that has had 2 hrs sleep for the last 2 months, right! So I often just gently try and provide other options…… ok, no? If you’re sure then, let’s chop it off!

But, joking aside, whatever ever your reason for taking the plunge, you need to get a haircut that suits your face shape. It really is so important. We touched on it in a previous blog (6 tips to get the best out of your hair appointment) when we explained that when you are looking online or in magazines for style inspo, ask yourself if your face shape is similar to girl or guy who is rockin’ the look you want.

Want more help? Look no further – we got this! Here are some face shapes and the do’s and don’ts to maximise individual suitability.

Heart – soft, curl or wavy style that frames the face, pixi cut and shoulder length style with layers. Avoid long haircuts that don’t frame the face

Oval – You are considered to have the ideal face shape because you will suit most hairstyles. Go you!

Long – Will suit fringes and styles with volume at the sides and no volume on top, chin length bobs and waves for fullness would be perfect. Avoid long, straight hair with no fringe

Square – Fuller sides, layers around the face. Avoid square fringes, jaw length square bobs and short hairstyles

Triangular – Go for face framing shapes. Avoid styles that are pulled away from the face

Round – Longer and straight around the face, asymmetric styles and square fringes or short crop with height at the crown. Avoid short curly styles

So that’s the long and short of it. You’ve nothing to fear from change and we love nothing more than a makeover so… what are you waiting for?!

Simon x
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