Has that Autumn feel just come out of nowhere this week or is it just me?

I had to go try and find my trusted winter coat for the first time this year. There’s a real chill in the air, it’s dark before you know it, the leaves are creating a wonderful tapestry of autumnal colour and they are starting to fall; all of which has got me thinking about ‘this season’s’ key hair looks!! I used to wonder who even decides what’s hot and what’s not in the hair fashion world? Surely it comes down to suitability for the individuals colouring and face shapes? Well actually, it usually filters through from the runways of all the major fashion houses. When they are putting together their Autumn/Winter Collections, the designers have a clear idea of how they want their models’ hair to look to compliment their designs. They will even select models who have a certain look to showcase their collection to the world.

At Houston Hair, we always keep an eye on what the fashion houses are upto. And we love nothing more than interpreting and commercialising the latest hair trends and bringing them into the salon. As we are based in Ballymena, we maybe don’t get the opportunity to create weird and wonderful colours and styles as much as you would in London, New York and L.A. but that’s maybe not a bad thing! Celebrities also dictate what hair style/colours are on trend. Who is old enough to remember ‘the Rachel’? I hadn’t long started hairdressing and everyone had a version of that style!

And not long after that, and I can’t believe I’m saying this… the mullet made an appearance again! How, I will never know! Can I just take this opportunity to publicly apologise to all the victims I sent out of the salon with a mullet in the early noughties! Cringing inside at the thought of it…. but at the time it seemed like the right thing to do because it was in Vogue, or was it? Now I’m not so sure! Ahem – moving swiftly on… I am feeling nauseous!


More recently, just this summer past, Katy Perry did the whole bleach blonde short crop and it looked amazing! I had clients texting me and bringing in pics on their phone saying this was their next hair style. The cut and colour had been about for a while. It was nothing new but KP gave it the wow factor and it came back around again… the power of celebrities, eh!


But that was summer… So what you really want to know is what’s hot for hair right now?!!!

What should you do with your hair on your next salon visit?….

For all you blondies out there – I am talking bleach tints and full heads of bleach highlights – toning down with an all over toner over the winter months is so much softer and gives your hair a break from the harsher side of colouring. OK, OK, I can see the shock in your face – but don’t panic and hear me out.


I am talking one or two shades max and a slight change of tone – beige or creamy tones. Please don’t be scared of toning down! It looks classy; and with toners on top of a blonde base, it’s a bit like our summers… it won’t stay for long! They wash up and there’s no commitment! Keep the dark roots and tone the ends. Not forgetting a deep conditioning treatment to get it back on track for lightening back up spring time! Cue shameless plug and hero product alert! R&Co Palm Springs will give your hair the TLC it deserves.

A subtle balayage is perfect for any brunettes out there looking for something to get you through the winter months. Toning options include beiges or caramels, depending on your skin tone. Here are some pics from our social media channels for inspiration!


And as every brunette knows… healthy and shiny is a must. Chestnut browns for all you with warm colouring and a dark bitter chocolate tone for all you cool skin tones!


Wella Colour Fresh are inbetweener temporary colours that you can purchase in salon for £9.99. It is unbelievable for shine and tone. You just shampoo in…. no mixing…. no peroxide…. and it could help you stretch your colour out another few weeks or touch you up before an event if you are not ready for your full colour appointment. These can be used on all colours of hair to freshen up your locks.

Red Alert – I haven’t forgot about you fiery reds!

Warm reds – whether you are enhancing your natural red tone or faking it….. vibrant copper or deep rustic tones.


Cool reds – plums and merlot are exactly what you need to see you through those winter months.


Whether you are long, medium or short; textured, natural and undone hair is my favourite look this season. Simply put, don’t try too hard! Here are my top pics on 3 different lengths…

And remember that age old saying….. if it ain’t broken don’t try and fix it! If you’re happy with your hair look, just carry on doing your thanggggg!!


Simon x

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