We’ve all got them. That top, that shirt, that jacket – the one that always gets compliments because the colour really suits you. But why is it that some colours look great on us while others seem to leave us looking drained and tired?

Well, believe it or not, there is a science behind it – and just because you like a colour or it looks great on your best friend, doesn’t necessarily mean it will suit you!

If you wear cool coloured clothes when you have a cool skin tone, they will automatically make you look better. Your eyes will stand out more and you will look healthier and more refreshed. That’s right… wearing the wrong colour can make you look tired and enhance dark circles under your eyes!

Likewise, wearing warm clothing when you have a warm complexion will also compliment you and enhance your natural colouring.

Confused? Don’t be – because the Houston Hair team is here to help. We want you all to find the perfect hair colour that suits you, and to wear it well! And to make it simple, we have put together a DIY test just for you.

Why not give it a go?


There are 4 skin depths and tone combinations. Which one are you?

Let’s break it down…

Skin ‘colour’ is different from skin ‘tone’

Skin colour refers to whether the skin is light, medium or dark so take a look! Which one would you say you are naturally? And for all you ladies and gents who were out partying, celebrating or at an event at the weekend – we mean without fake tan!!

Skin tone is the colour beneath the surface of the skin. This results in a cool or warm skin tone. You can have the same colour of skin as someone else, but a different skin tone. The wrong hair colour can make your skin look washed out and sallow. The right hair colour enhances skin tone and brings out a healthy glow.

The vein trick

Look at the veins on your wrist. are they blue or green? 

If they appear more blue, you are more likely to have a cool skin tone
.  If they appear more green in colour you are more likely to have a warm skin tone.

  It’s worth noting that veins are not actually green – they look greenish because you’re seeing them through yellow toned skin.

The next step…….


Which do you think is closest to your eye colour?


Greyish Green
  • Bluish Green
  • Light Blue
  • Deep Brown
Deep Blue
Deep Green
Greenish Blue
  • Light Brown
  • Topaz

Bet you didn’t think there was so many variations!

So the last area is your……


  • Light Ash Blonde
  • Dark Ash Blonde
Light Gold Blonde
  • Reddish Blonde
  • Black
  • Dark Brown
  • Chestnut
Warm Red
  • Brown

Taking all 3 into consideration which of the 4 categories do you fall into?

Light Colouring with Cool Tone

  • Skin – rosy-pink, pinkish – beige or pearl porcelain
Eyes – greyish – green, bluish – green or light blue
  • Natural Hair – light to dark ash – blonde

Recommend Colour – White/platinum Blonde, Light Browns, Highlights lighter than natural base

Light Colouring with Warm Tone


Skin – Ivory or Peaches and cream
  • Eyes – amber, green, hazel or brown
  • Natural Hair Colour – Light gold Blond, reddish blonde

Recommended Colour – Strawberry Blondes, light Golden Blondes, Warm Soft Reds

Medium to Dark Colouring with Cool Tone

  • Skin – light to dark olive or dark brown
  • Eyes – brown to deep brown, deep blue, deep green, greenish – blue
  • Natural Hair Colour – Black, dark – brown

Recommended Colour – Blacks, Coffee Browns, Plums and Cool Reds

Medium to Dark Colouring with Warm Tone

  • Skin – Warm, yellow undertones, a golden brown/coppery complexion
  • Eyes – deep brown, green, light brown, amber or topaz
  • Natural Hair Colour – dark brown, chestnut, warm red browns

Recommended Colour – Dark Golden Browns, Chestnut, Warm Chocolate, Rich Coppers

Some other tricks to confirm your cool or warm colouring…..


The jewellery trick

Even jewellery holds the same rule – silver is cool and gold is warm!

   Silver jewellery will look clear and bright on cool skin tones and dull and lifeless on warm tones.  Gold will look warm and rich on warm skin tones and brassy on cool skin tones



The fabric trick

You will need:

  A piece of cool pink fabric
 and a piece of warm peach fabric

. Pull your hair away from your face and drape the coloured cloth, one at a time, around the neck. The cloth that accentuates the natural skin best helps you to determine your skin tone. i.e. the skin looks more radiant, without dark circles under the eyes and blemishes appear less obvious.

 So now you’re all set. There’s never been a better time to choose your perfect colour and look fabulous!

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